Energy Ratings

Energy efficiency reports are required on all new homes and commercial buildings to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC), Queensland Development Code (QDC) and Building Code of Australia (BCA). Your designer or builder will need to design or build to meet these minimum energy efficiency requirements. It is best to to have an energy efficiency assessment at the end of the design stage before commencing construction, as changes may need to be made to the final drawings in order to comply.

Residential Projects


A six star energy rating on your home is required to fulfill the minimum energy efficiency standard. Green at Heart perform energy efficiency assessments and provide an Energy Star Rating Certificate and stamped plans to be submitted to Council or your private certifier. If your new build or renovation does not reach the minimum rating we can suggest changes to ensure compliance. At Green at Heart, we use BERS Pro Plus, First Rate 5 software BASIX and Deem to satisfy (DTS) methods to calculate star ratings and compilance of your building. 

Commercial Projects


Energy efficiency ratings for commercial buildings are assessed using Section J of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This is applicable for Class 2 to 9 buildings. Reports are provided that indicate compliance with the thermal performance component of Section J, J1 - J4 of the BCA. These reports must be accompanied by reports from your electrical and mechanical engineers covering artificial cooling and lighting.