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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most common questions on this page. If you have any enquiries that are not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) please contact us.

Why do I need an Energy Rating?

The National Construction Code of Australia (formerly BCA) requires that all new residential building work needs to meet minimum energy efficiency requirements. An energy rating provides proof to your building certifier that your home meets that minimum standard.


How is an Energy Rating performed?

Green at Heart uses two methods for performing a residential energy rating. Most of our assessments are undertaken via computer modelling, using the software tool BERS Pro. This software calculates the heating and cooling loads required to maintain a comfortable living environment.


Occasionally, we also use the ‘Deemed to Satisfy’ provisions of the National Construction Code (part 3.12). This assesses the proposed structure against the minimum requirements as set out in the NCC.


Do I need an energy rating for a commercial project?

Yes, commercial buildings also require a compliance report. Green at Heart can provide a Deemed to Satisfy (or Section J) assessment and compliance report for your commercial projects.


Do I need an energy rating for an extension?

Yes, if the building work requires building approval, then it also requires an energy rating. Generally, the entire house will require assessment (including existing areas). There are certain exceptions to this, so please call us to discuss or ask you building certifier.


How long does it take?

Green at Heart works hard to deliver fast turnarounds to ensure your building project can progress. We recommend you allow 3-5 working days for single homes and 5-7 days for multi-unit or commercial project. If you have an urgent deadline, let us know and we can generally meet it.


How much does an energy rating cost?

Residential assessments start from $150 +GST for a standard home. If you have a large project, please contact us for a quote.


What do I need to provide to get an energy rating?

Have a look at our Assessment page to download a copy of our assessment checklist.


Who can perform an energy rating?

Only accredited assessors are able to perform an energy rating. All assessors now require a Certificate IV in NatHERS assessment to gain accreditation. Green at Heart have fully qualified and highly experienced assessors.


What do the stars mean?

The stars give an indication of how much energy is required to maintain a comfortable living environment inside your home, all year round. Six stars indicate a good level of thermal performance with reduced energy bills. Ten stars is the maximum and indicate that the home requires minimum heating or cooling.


What if my home doesn’t reach 6 stars?

If your design doesn’t initially reach 6 stars, Green at heart will work with you to find some straightforward solutions. In most cases, we can assist you to reach 6 stars or higher.


How do I design an energy efficient home?

An energy efficient home must be designed for its own particular environment. Climate, orientation, and the building fabric all play their own part. Have a look at our resources page for tips and guidelines. Feel free to give us a call for some advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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